Students may begin confirmation instruction as early as 6th grade. It is a three and a quarter year program designed to help strengthen their faith and offer them a way to grow in the knowledge of our Lutheran Christian Theology. These weekly classes culminate in students sharing a faith statement and confirming their faith publicly before the congregation.  

Confirmands begin their journey in September of their 6th grade year and end in October of their 9th grade year. With Confirmation Sunday on Reformation Sunday (Last Sunday in October)

Scope & Sequence

  • YEAR A: 
    • Bible Background, History & Grand Narrative
  • YEAR B:
    • The Big Six Part 1
      • The Creed 
      • The Ten Commandments
      • Prayer / Lord's Prayer
    • Life as a created Child of God
      • Male & Female He Created Us
  • YEAR C
    • The Big Six Part 2
      • Confession 
      • Sacrament of the Altar 
      • Baptism
    • Defending the Faith
      • How to uphold the Bible in a secular world
    • My Faith Life Today
    • Faith Statement

2023-2024 Class Schedule & Assignments CLICK HERE